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hello loves.

happy twenty twenty. it feels good to be showing up on the blog after a few days of celebration, self-reflection, self-organising, journalling and joy. how has your start to the new decade been? it’s no secret that i have a very beautiful feeling about this year. i started the new year with prophecies and i meant it. today i’m starting my slow sunday with excitement as i share something i’ve been working on…

anyboody want some monthly affirmations sent directly from me to you?

i’m going to be sharing monthly affirmations in my newsletter for all the true loves who subscribe. i’ll be sending out january’s affirmations very soon so be sure to subscribe to the ting and join the collective intentional journey. in my latest blog post i write about why and how I manifest. setting my affirmations monthly and annually is a massive part of my process. it’s taken me a few years to you enhance my affirmation game but i’m proud and confident enough to share with you all. i recently featured in the cirri’s saturday storytellers instagram series and shared some of my affirmations. it is a beautiful space and you should definitely go follow. it was also great to see how many people were interested in my affirmations and asked me to write some for them. i have always loved speaking positively over my friends and family’s goals and dreams so it makes sense to create a shareable experience through my blog.

new year affirmations pending …

so. i’m ready to positively affirm with you. before i send you my carefully prayed over and curated affirmations, i also want to let you in on something i’m very proud of. in 2019 i had one of my most successfully abundant years. i put that down to prayer and affirmations. i also put it down to knowing what i want and believing it was on it’s way. it was also a lot of trust in the process. and damn hard work/sacrifice. my affirmations worked me as i had put the work in to become a powerful manifestor. i want to provide access to allow you to do the same. for that reason, each newsletter will have monthly affirmations, travel motivations, poetry prompts and book inspirations. there will of course still be dope content on the blog too pero my subscriber loves will get that extra more.

here is one of the many january affirmations for you to claim for yourself.

new year affirmations
January goals
feel free to save to your fave pinterest boards.

thank you for reading what I write. see you on the other side?

Yah bless.

Amara Amaryah.

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