i want to collate my photography with my poetry and other experimental writings. i want to gather them a period at a time so you can get a feel of what i am going through and what i’m doing artistically. i think it would be a cool idea. but of course blogging gets put on pause when you’re final year. here is a little bit for now. for me October-November felt like crushed petals and smelt like musty perfume and looked like sunsets. in these 2 months i volunteered, romanticised a little, cried a little, went for unplanned walks on the sabbath, found serenity, lost it, found it again, tried to hold onto it, saw Jasmine Mans perform, saw my baby sis turn 16, finally got a permanent part-time job in my Uni city, found joy in the little things and found big things like a group of women who i can say will be in my life for the longest while. all of this influenced the poems and images below.  there is much more to come very soon, but for now though

  1.   And when they ask why you keep writing in poetry

because they know
that the stories you bare
are not palatable
for common day language.
These words
and their combinations
do not reach the human ear
if not posed beautifully enough,
with words that sound innocent enough
(in this language)
when they ask
why you keep yourself locked away
in poems and rhymes
in a silence
your mother’s mother gave you
that you know
that they know
that noone wants to hear these thoughts
outside of poetry
noone wants that guilt
that seems to radiate outside of me.
– writing on rose petals (1)| Oct-Nov 16.

speak to me in poetry
but only the type your mama whispered to the night
in her language

when her instincts told her
she was completely alone and far enough away
from even herself.
-writing when in love| Oct-Nov 16.


i have had all the conversations i need to have with you
in my mind
in the quiet satisfaction of your silence.
– untitled| Oct-Nov 16.



Don’t ask me to write you something beautiful
Don’t ask for a bed-time story
to settle you
or your children
or your grandchildren
mine, need a story that brightens the colour of blood
makes it less deep
less black.
stories without metaphors and symbolisms.
I need to speak plainly
and say exactly what it is I have needed to say.
I need them to hear names to memorise
voices to recognise
places and maps to demythologise

-A dialogue I (tbc)| Nov 16.

Amara Amaryah.


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