A documentation.

Nottinghill Carnival:


Find ways to
truly prioritise
representing your family.
And your culture likewise.

Allow yourself the space to get frustrated with not being documented.
Or being documented in such a way that
it is no longer  about you.
Or your people. Or your collected history.
Trust that frustration.
Trust it and
give it the room it needs to develop
and spread into every dormant part of your being until
you must  exhibit all that you are proud of
in a documentation that is your own.

And here is my own


My baby sister before Carnival. A few reminders to her that she is beautiful, enough, capable, necessary and despite societal comment, worthy of documentation. She is not just another face to add to the hashtag #blackgirlmagic, she is a representation that is missing in the media: a beautiful girl, proud of a culture she is told to dilute and forget as she slowly assimilates into proper Britishness. And as she, and we and all the rest go out each Nottinghill Carnival to celebrate being Caribbean in the same streets that we would have been mentally and physically brutalised in, we should be proud. Proud to be able to document ourselves so we will never forget the legacy left by those before us which may not be there for those after us.



rai flag edit 1
You are enough// Nottinghill Carnival 16.


rianne eyes
You are necessary// Nottinghill Carnival 16. 


three face rai 1
You are powerful// Nottinghill Carnival 16.


of all your faces 2
You are beautiful// Nottinghill Carnival 16.


rai white walls edit
You are worthy of documentation// Nottinghill Carnival 16.

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