A new journey: TYPT:16 writer/deviser for Talawa Theatre

What is ‘Hatch’?

“In a London ravaged by war and waste, two groups of survivors fight to find a space to call home.”

Writing and devising for ‘Hatch’ has been a journey. Learnt a lot of things. A lot of things about myself, the way I like to work as a playwright, the types of people I want to work with in the (very near) future and most importantly I learnt a lot about tangible things that actually matter. Writing for TYPT:16 has encouraged me to voice things and problems plaguing the Black community and has encouraged me to think about how I want to effectively communicate these things. It really is a blessing to have TYPT:16 as my first professional starting block for playwriting. It’s been  beautiful. It’s not technically finished yet but I am in that phase of reflection. The show will be an emotional one, a funny one, an important one. I don’t encourage you to miss.

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